Interesting Facts about German Shepherds

Amazin Facts About German Shepherds

At first glance the German Shepherd may seem intimidating. The German Shepherd is seen safeguarding lots and chasing offenders down. It is also a perfect dog for your family while the German Shepherd is an excellent guard. These dogs are incredibly protecting and mild with children once they've been introduced and also accommodates and prospers on active family life. This article will give you an overview of the German Shepherd breed and a listing of facts about German Shepherds including history, nature, and little-known facts that are interesting.

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd History Facts

  • Like Australian Shepherds this breed is a working dog. They are frequently employed by police, search and rescue teams, the military and as therapy dogs.
  • The first family and John F Kennedy owned a German Shepherd.
  • German Shepherds were originally bred to be exceptionally faithful, they were meant for protection, not as attack dogs. Because of their high intellect and ability to hear commands German Shepherds are actually occasionally used as attack dogs.
  • Females are significantly smaller than males. While man GSD's can weigh in in a heavy weight of 100 pounds female German Shepherds should weigh at most 75 pounds.
  • The very first seeing eye dog every was a German Shepherd. Today a significant number of German Shepherds are still trained to be seeing eye dogs.
  • German Shepherds are very prone to a number of health issues, specifically hip dysplasia. Because of the health issues associated with GSD's it is crucial that you acquire a German Shepherd pup from a reputable breeder.
  • They have been extremely simple to train although additionally they want lots of exercise to stay obedient because they will have such high energy levels.
  • German Shepherds are rather heavy shedding dogs consequently they are not suggested for people with allergies.
  • The German Shepherd Dog was the most popular family dog in America.

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